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About Us

Welcome to Car Shipping Company. We are the most affordable car shipping company, and our team is made up of highly skilled professionals who are ready to serve you. Based on our work history, we can proudly let you know that our clients have given only positive feedback regarding our transport services. We know that we are the best, when we see clients trusting us anytime they need auto transportation services.

Classic & Collector Cars Transport

A classic, vintage or collector’s car is a very expensive asset. Most of the times, you need it transported to another state for an exhibition for example, but you certainty don’t want to put it on the road. If this is the case, we are here to help you transport in the safest manner possible your vintage or classic car to the destination that you appoint. Also, these kinds of cars are usually transported in enclosed trailers, so as to protect them from possible roads hazards such as rain, wind, dirt or extreme heat. Your car is going to be handled with utmost care, because our team has one motto: “Customer satisfaction- our number 1 priority!’.

Corporate Relocation

Are you moving your business to another state or even overseas? Then you most probably need to be a very good multitasking person, since there are a lot of details that you need to take care of. Let us help you and take one burden off your shoulder right now…

We offer specialized corporate relocation transportation services, at extremely advantageous prices. All our services are custom tailored, which means that you will pay exactly for the services that you are going to use/ hire. There are no hidden fees and charges!

Our services include door to door delivery. This simply means that you will not have to wait for hours in certain terminals for your shipment to arrive. You give us the exact address that you need your car shipped to, and we will give you an estimate of when it will arrive exactly at your door. We can inform you regarding the status of your vehicle at any time, since everything is being tracked through satellite. If you want to choose the safest and most protective auto transport service of all, you should definitely choose the enclosed auto transport services. This means that your car is going to be transported in enclosed trailers, and the shipment is being 100% protected from any road hazards of weather damages.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto transport means that your car is going to be transported in the safest possible manner to the destination. It will also be 100% protected from any road hazards. These hazards include: extreme heat or rain that could damage the paint on your car or motorcycle, or dirt that would damage aesthetically your car! Especially if you need to have your car transported through several states, you may want to choose the option of enclosed auto transport for safety reasons.

Also, our clients who need to transport their vintage, collector’s or classic cars and motorcycles, all opt for enclosed auto transport. Our trailers are extremely professional, being equipped with latest technology tools, such as professional lifters. Our carriers are all custom-built, hard sided and fully enclosed. Moreover, we can also offer temperature controlled shipping for cars that need additional safety measures. All throughout the safe loading, you car will stay in horizontal position only, which is very important. With the help of the hydraulic lift gates (elevator style lifters) your car is going to be loaded and unloaded quickly and extremely safe.

Call us now for a free, no obligation quote at the following number: 1-888-819-2826 and speak with one of our team members who will help you make the right decision in your case!

International Car Shipping

Have you found the opportunity of your lifetime by being offered an extremely well paying job overseas? Have you thought recently of relocating with the entire family overseas, mainly because you have more career options in the respective country? Have you thought of living abroad for the next one or two years, simply because you want to meet other cultures and experience a totally different lifestyle? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you most probably want to have your own car with you in your new country of residence. So let us help…

We offer custom tailored international car shipping services at extremely advantageous prices. We know how important it is to have your vehicle with you wherever you go in this world. We will transport your car safely and reliably to the new destination- and we offer door to door delivery services, so you will not have to wait for hours in terminals for your car to arrive. You give us the address- we deliver fast and safe the car to your door!

Taking care of the auto shipment on your own is a very difficult task- this is why our company is here: to deliver your car hassle free & quick!

Motorcyle Transport

Our company offers best value for the price that you are going to pay for our services. We offer both open top trailer transportation and enclosed trailer transport. All you have to do is call us, let us know the details and we are going to offer you a free, no obligation quote within a very short time.

We can transport safely and in a very timely manner any kind of motorcycles- whether it is the latest model of Harley Davidson or a collector’s motorcycle. All the customers that have hired our services are satisfied with them, and they keep coming back anytime they need to have their motorcycle transported.

Simply contact us at the following number: 1-888-819-2826 and we will offer you an individually tailored quote. The needs of our clients differ, so this is why we offer only custom tailored transportation quotes. You may have spent a lot of time with research online, but that just stops right now, because you have come to the right place. Browse through our services list, and contact us to discuss the details further. We are not competing with other companies, because we don’t have the time for that! We only strive to offer 100% customer satisfaction

RV Transport

Your RV is your mobile home, and it is the vehicle that takes you across the country for those wonderful family vacations. Like this, you are saving plenty of money on accommodation, and even food since you cook for yourself what you want whenever you want. However, it is many times the case that these RV’s need to be transported for repairs to another city/ state, or it may be the case that you have bought an RV from another state and now you need it delivered to your door. If any pf these apply simply trust our RV transportation services and you will not regret it!


Both seniors and retirees count on our specialized and ultra professional car shipping service when they want to move from North to South. Our services offer them the peace of mind that they need, because their cars are transported safely to the appointed destination. Thanks to the special door to door auto transportation services, seniors now can enjoy a completely hassle free transportation process. We offer snowbirds auto transportation services from coast to coast, wherever you want to relocate nationwide. Simply call us and let us discuss the details with you: 1-888-819-2826. We are here to help you and make your relocation the easiest possible!

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